Tuesday, December 18, 2007

It Started With A Chair

Yes... It Started With a Chair...

...And I ended up on the cinema floor before the movie even ended--bawling! Totally floored by Diablo Cody’s JUNO. My favorite “bowl of rice” this season! Go see it!

A message to Ms Cody:
Yo! Adlib Doc (anagram for Diablo Cody)
Congratulations! Now you've got "a blog, a (stripper) pole, a hit" = anagram: "a labia & leg photo" (a reference to that gorgeous pic of yours in stripper outfit--y'all know what I'm talking about , right? )

Anyway, just thrilled to pieces about your golden moment. Kudos!
-ER (hopeless anagramist --is that even a word?

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